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Global Awareness
Cheers Catering cares about the impact events have on the environment.  When disposables are required, we use fabulous bamboo, corn, potato and sugar cane products that are bio-degradable and from renewable resources.

We’re avid recyclers. We deliver thousands of pounds of products to recyclers each year from cardboard, aluminum, metals, glass, and plastic.

We also compost. At our main kitchen and at all of our in-house events, all food scraps (yes, even meat and dairy), paper goods, all of our floral goods and all of our biodegradable disposables are composted.

In addition to caring for the planet, we care about people. Cheers is actively involved in fundraising for organizations dedicated to caring for at risk children, the homeless and many other worthy causes. Our participation ranges from donations of fully catered events, food and cash donations, to sponsoring any of our employees who seek to raise funds for charitable causes they are committed to.
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